Wall Organization

Slat Wall

When you are looking to organize your tools and toys, think about slat wall. We have hangers for tools, bikes, balls, hoses, and more. If you can hang it, we probably have a hook for it. Out slat wall designs come in a variety of colors that can match your cabinets. We can design our your slat wall with open space between the rails when you are on budget or have full rails for maximum versatility on hook placement.

Slat Wall

Slat Wall




We have seven different colors to compliment any cabinet color you choose. From the standard black and white to wood grains such as maple and cherry.

Country-Maple-for-web Chocolate-for-web Diamond-Plate-for-web Cherry-for-web Black-Charcoal-White-for-Web



Fill your wall with rakes, brooms, bikes and balls with our assortment of hangers, hooks, and baskets. And if we don’t have something you are looking for here, our slat wall is compatible with many other hooks from other companies so you’ll always find the hook you are looking for.

Accessories 4InchDoubleHook 4InchLoopHook 8InchJhook 8InchLoopHook 12x24x12Basket 24x12Shelf BikeHook LargeDoubleHook SmallDoubleJHook ToolStack UtilityHook

Slatwall Bike Hanger with Basket - Schulte

Racor Pro PSB-1R Single Folding Bike Rack